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IES - Intelligent Energy Saving is the management algorithm of efficient power, the completion of an advanced regulation system, that when applied to the control…



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What is a problem for the customer, is an opportunity for SELPRO. The collection of customer issues resolved by SELPRO products.



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Designed to interact with SELPRO regulators and ventilation systems, the software collects operating parameters and then analyses and modifies them to optimise system performance during…




For over 30 years SELPRO have been working in the design and manufacture of electronic devices for industrial applications. Over the years SELPRO has chosen to specialise in systems for command and adjustment of synchronous and asynchronous electric motors, single-phase and three-phase. The quality and high technological value of products, the study of new solutions and the experience in the field, have made SELPRO a market reference and the ideal partner for manufacturers of machines and components for HVAC&R sectors.

Historical Background for Company SELPRO
SELPRO born in 1978, with the design of a single-phase automatic controller for the fans speed control of an extraction systems.

  • 1980 - is designed and produced the first single-phase units, named RGF-1: Regulator for Refrigeration Group, specialized for controlling the temperature of the condenser of a refrigerating unit, through the regulation of the fan speed. It is the first standalone product on the market that use a simplified setting (for NOT trained operators) of the parameters.

  • 1981- with the same philosophy, was born the first controller RGF, for three-phase fans motors, which does not require connection of the neutral, but only the three-phase power, the first dedicated for condensers pressure control by 4-20mA transducer.

  • 1982 - the three-phase controllers, is implemented with the functionality of the double control input from the pressure transducers and the structure of the auxiliary contacts of the regolation support, solutions today used by all our competitors.

  • 1986 - is designed the new RGF300, the first analog controller for Master & Slave modes, with multifunction applications for ventilated heat exchangers, available on the HVAC&R market.

  • 1986-1990 - all the major Italian brands for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, approve the SELPRO regolators for applications of fan speed for single-phase and three-phase motors.

  • 1992 - SELPRO reached a distribution agreement with CAREL SpA

  • 1995 - is designed the first unit only SLAVE, series DRV300, controlled from remote by the CAREL MACRO-Plus units for HVAC&R applications

  • 1996 - is designed the first Plug & Play analog controller, specialize for ventilated heat exchangers

  • 1997 - SELPRO work with the ISO-9002 Quality System received from CISQ-CSQ

  • 2000 - is designed for LUVE-Contardo the DSV/RUS unit, the first, and still unique, digital Hybrid-Power multifunction controller, that allows the certification THD of ventilation systems with electronic regulation.

  • 2001 - starting from the DSV/RUS software control experience, is designed for LUVE the new three-phase digital series, the first phase-cutting (SCR) programmable controller with 12 Software always ready, complete with standard auxiliary contacts structure, that became the basis for the market of electronic controllers for ventilated heat exchangers.

  • 2004 - is designed for LUVE the new WS-Spray control unit, for the management of the adiabatic system and the controls of the power increase of the ventilated heat exchanger.

  • 2005 - are designed for THERMOKEY the RTS300 On-Of control unit, for direct control of three-phase fans, and the Air Fresh System (AFS) units to manage the adiabatic system.

  • 2006 - to MCE is presented the new analog single-phase fans speed controller, which has n. 4 inputs for signals in: current (4-20mA), voltage (0-10Vdc) and NTC probe (°C), always functionally available for plug&play.

  • 2007 - is designed the new idea of Fans Speed Controller: the TWINS series (DRM & RDM), which integrates all the HW & SW SELPRO projects and proposes a unique solution for two sets of regulators, with an innovative HW base system.

  • 2008 - The European standard Harmonic Distortion (EN6100-3 and EN6100-12) are operating: SELPRO is ready and with the series RUS/DSV, that allows to certify the Total Harmonic Distortion of the fan system on regulation (THD = 0%).

  • 2009 - SELPRO develops the DGF1 & DGF2 controls units, for the management of the ventilation systems with electronically commutated motors (EC fan).

  • 2010 - in collaboration with LUVE-Contardo is installed for Apple European I-Cloud server, the first all-in-one control solution dedicated to the management via Modbus protocol of the new EC-fans of EBM-Papst and the adiabatic system.

  • 2011 - is completed the design of the integrated system for EC fans, which has both protocol: EBM-Papst and ZIEHL-Abegg, together with 0-10Vdc outputs and the adiabatic system software.

  • 2012 - is presented in MCE fair, the first and complete EC-Family products for the EC fans control, the first all-in-one solution with the integrated management and approved protocols ebm-papst and Ziehl-Abegg:
      • EC Manager the first system for the complete management of ventilated heat exchangers, with:
        • EC fans regulation net system, through selectable Modbus protocol or 0(1)-10Vdc net control
        • adiabatic system
      • EC Plus
      • EC Basic
      • EC Nano